Alright, so you know there’s a major difference between canola oil and motor oil, but what about skin oils?? As it turns out, every face oil has a different formulation, weight, and absorption rate, making some better suited for certain skin types and concerns than others. Castor oil and grape-seed oil, for example, decrease excess oil on acne-prone skin, while coconut oil and avocado oil act as incredibly rich moisturizers for dry skin.

Argan oil, however, falls in the middle of the spectrum—it’s not too heavy, not too light—making it perfect to use on all skin types. It’s packed with omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleic acids, all of which work to lightly moisturize your skin, soften dry patches, and even reduce acne. It's essentially nature's protective, nourishing superfood for your skin..

Argan oil can actually help break outs..Whaaa? It’s true: Slathering oil on oily, broken-out skin can actually be a good thing, says Dr. Wexler. Oftentimes, people break out not because of they have naturally oily skin, but because their skin barrier is dry, damaged, and inflamed from a regimen of harsh acne products. That damaged skin barrier then overcompensates by producing even more oil, which can clog pores and trigger breakouts. Argan oil, however, can help break the cycle.

Not only does the vitamin E in argan oil act as a major anti-inflammatory for red, reactive skin, but it also helps control your skin’s oil production by balancing out your sebum levels, so you’ll have fewer breakouts and less irritation than before. Plus, all of the antioxidants naturally found in argan oil are known for helping soothe eczema and fade scars. Starting to understand why everyone loves it?

No it wont clog pores I mean, sure, technically anything can clog your pores if your skin has a natural sensitivity to a certain ingredient, but unlike certain oils that are known to be highly comedogenic—a fancy way to say "pore-clogging"—like coconut oil and olive oil, argan oil is on the lowest end of the spectrum.

Moxie Body's ' TWENTY FAUX KARAT GOLD ' organ shimmering vanilla body oil is in a glass dropper bottle with 2 ounces of glorious organ, hazelnut, apricot kernel, grape-seed and Sicilian sweet almond oils with gold natural mineral mica.  Mineral mica offers a subtle GOLD shimmer to the skin to illuminate and reflect light in an ethereal glow. Apply liberally to the entire body after a shower or bath for full body moisture.  

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