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Fashion with a message.

This tee shirt was designed at a time when everything that could change us, did. The concept was birthed after my many different emotions since the Pandemic began and I felt the world. I say Pandemic 2020 generally and not specifically Covid-19 for the fact that so much more has impacted this planet and every living thing on it that I didn't just want a message about simply the virus itself. 

You haven't just survived a virus, you have survived yourself. What I mean by that is, your world has changed, your loved one's world has also changed in every way and we are faced with things we have never faced before. We are faced with thoughts and actions we have never experienced before. 

I say 'yourself' because as I sat in my condo, alone, not wanting to leave sometimes, not being able to leave sometimes and do all things I freely did before I was faced with all kinds of discomforts and thoughts. All kinds of emotions, anxiety, and feelings of loss, fear and confusion. Every day was a battle against myself to remain my ' best self ' I say but what I mean is light and happy and I tried really hard but man was it hard. Every day I thought of you and that you may be facing the same feelings and challenges and essentially we are all fighting for our lives both mentally, physically and monetarily. We were surviving the darkness filling our head. 

Mental and physical health is everything. When your mental health is off, everything is. When your physical health is off, your mental health will be affected and therefore everything is affected. 

'I SURVIVED ME' was made for you or perhaps a gift for someone in your world who has faced the challenges and is still kicking. It is to be worn like a badge of honor. 

Anxiety is real and rampant, depression is too and if you have experienced any of that this shirt is for you. You have survived and now you will help others as we are donating a portion of the proceeds to a Canadian Organization that supports mental health.

" Things need to change. And we are leading the way " - Jack.Org 

  • 100% COTTON 

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Love my Survival Shirt

I love my survival shirt. Now need one that states “still surviving, and stronger for it”

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