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CAPTURE Mane Hair Treatment Oil

CAPTURE Mane is a luxury hair oil treatment made for women by women in Toronto, Canada. It is designed to be a either a 20 minute treatment before the shower or an overnight treatment to add and lock in moisture, strength and shine. Both applications are to be on dry hair so the cuticles can soak it right up and applied from the eyebrow or ear level right to the ends. Tie it up if you are hopping in bed or hop in the shower and wash it off right away :) Shampoo and Condition like normal. 

CAPTURE Mane is packed with oils rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and nutrients blended to be the perfect glide, packed in an economic 240ml bottle so you may use as a part of your hair growth protocol for months!

Keeping with our minimalist mission, CAPTURE Mane will be shipped out using minimal materials and waste that are easily recycled. We are about a no fuss package as the fuss really is in the product itself. 

Along with this beautiful serum we recommend you adapt the following into your routine to see the full growth potential of your hair. 

  • Only shampoo your hair at the roots . The soapy water running done will be enough to clean the rest.
  • Rinse your conditioner out in cold water to seal the cuticle. 
  • Loosely clip your hair up to sleep. 
  • Use a silk pillow case if you wanna go aaaalll the way 
  • Minimize hot styling tools ie : air dry and style in ways like a braid that don't require heat. 
  • Minimize colouring and communicate with your stylist your hair goals. There are ways they can colour your hair while maintaining the integrity of the shaft. 
  • As much as we hate to lose length, a clean up of the ends makes your hair seem longer somehow and looks 1000% better. Get a trim when needed. 

Like every one of our products, use and wear with intention and love. You Deserve it. 

** Do not apply heat.  




Ingredients: Almond Oil, Apricot Oil, Sacha Inchi Oil, Marula Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Castor Oil, Vitamin E, Essential & Fragrance Oils. 



Customer Reviews

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Amazing 🤩

I have used it twice and already notice a huge difference in my hair. Soft and silky and the smell is fabulous!

Great product!

Finally found a product that hydrates my hair, defines my curls and is lightweight! So happy I purchased this product! It’s smells beautiful. I suffer from hair loss due to early menopause and I find using this treatment I have less hair loss! Highly recommended!

Hair Magic!

I have never shied away from spending money on my hair…I am a true Leo in that regard. I truly believe haircare is up there with skincare. This stuff?? My new Holy Grail - it is a MUST for healthy hair. I have bleached, dyed, done balayage - you name it - this oil has made my hair so soft, shiny and healthy!!! Because of it, I no longer care that my grays are coming in - in fact I’m loving them! My hair has never looked better!!!!

Love this!

I am a hair product freak - I’ve tried all of the products out there. There are a few things I love about this oil - I can apply it pre-shower and even though it’s only in a few minutes, the difference is noticeable; the texture of the oil makes it so easy to apply & the smell (like a creamsicle!) When applying the oil, I do find the scent to be very strong, but once washed out, it’s just the lightest hint of fragrance & it’s perfect!

Hair therapy!

This product is above and beyond! Not only does it leave your hair feeling silky and smooth, it has natural ingredients (which I love) and smells incredible. Loving every drop!

Customer Reviews

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