The dolls that take care of the TSOQ Fashion home, our social media photographers, the style experts, the quality control army,...basically everything that is required to run the show behind the scenes.

So in no particular order, we are pleased to introduce to you our amazing Fashion dolls of our Fashion home.


Renata aka Renaughty Manager of TSOQ Fashion House

Her style is best described as, functional nostalgic 90’s athlesuire minimalist and has evolved through unlearning convention style rules while at TSOQ, "I love to pair unexpected pieces, like athletic socks with pointed toe kitten heels".

 She believes a TSOQ fashion child helps others to push their own personal style to the next level; whether that be developing it in the first place or taking a well developed sense of style to new extremes. "My daily mission at TSOQ is to make every new friend of TSOQ feel happy, confident, and beautiful, in the store and beyond!"

Her TSOQ fashion rule: Dress for yourself; not the weather, the event, or the people around you. With some exceptions - I’m not recommending wearing white to anyone’s wedding! But for the most part fashion is for your own expression, do you!




Shenique aka Peanut Assistant Manager of TSOQ Warehouse Headquarters

This meticulous and detail oriented lady is someone who isn’t afraid to push social norms.  “I am a woman, I am only ever vulnerable until after my nail polish dries”.

Her TSOQ fashion survival rule: ALWAYS WEAR EARRINGS! 


Oge aka Little One Web Creative/Stylist

Her style is Boho chic, a bit extra and real romantic. She’s quiet, but extremely bold and always wears the brightest smile. This sassy one is in charge of all online stock creatives.

Her TSOQ fashion survival rule: “Dress how you feel, but always wear comfortable shoes/heels”.


Moira aka Mui-Mui Junior Warehouse Wonder

Her wardrobe is like Micah Giannel and you would never catch her with a bad hair day!

Her TSOQ Fashion survival tip is: “Wear your SMILE because you love what you’re doing, express it. Strive for greatness!”

“Being a TSOQ fashion child has made my style evolved by giving me the confidence to leave my house in whatever makes me feel great and sexy.”


Sofia aka Chi-Chi Senior Stylist of TSOQ Fashion House

Her style is described as “This is my mood today.”  She doesn’t focus on celebrity styles that much because she wears what she wants to wear based on her moods.

“Being a TSOQ doll is to be someone who lives their life fully as themselves 24/7. Someone who is unapologetic for being as loud as a bomb or as quiet as a mouse. Someone who knows its NEVER too much, and of course you can wear that mini skirt in February. TSOQ fashion child embraces every unique part of themselves that no one could even try to think its wrong. No more “this is too much” “I can’t wear this there” etc. Everyone should be able to wake up and adorn themselves in whatever feels fit. TSOQ helped me remember that.”

Her TSOQ mission: “To stop guests from limiting themselves. I love when a guest tells me they never would’ve grabbed that dress, or those pants, or worn such bright pieces together but now they realized they love it. Experimenting with your style and look is a key to happiness (trust me), and the average busy woman forgets that. We’re here to give that back to them.”




As parents of TSOQ, we are always looking for more fashion kids to join the #TSOQ family! 


What are we looking for? Like all parents, we want good kids who are responsible, reliable, and respectful. We are looking for high energetic kiddies for our TSOQ Fashion home. Someone who breathes fashion and is looking for a career, not a job. 


This may be the toughest retail job you will ever apply for, but we will guarantee this will be the most rewarding one for sure.


So whatever it is! Do you have what it takes to be a TSOQ child? Apply to be adopted by sending us your resume to!! 


Can't wait to meet you soon!

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