Good Morning Beauties, yes I am talking to you boys too!

If you have been apart of my world for a while you will remember the years that I would write long captions to go along with my fashion images and more specifically it was first thing in the morning while the city was asleep, I was writing #morningswithvava to you. 

If you aren't familiar with what those were, let me explain.... 

I am a morning person and love the silence and calm of the dark sky while everyone sleeps. I love the quiet in my head only hearing the thoughts that role through. Often I think about love and relationships, work and behaviours, fantasy and overall my daily interactions with people, places and things that provoke internal thought. 

I love sharing those thoughts and I love that you feel inspired by them. For years many of you have written me saying you often think "what would VaVa do, wear or say?" and I am honoured. 

As Instagram is a photograph based platform I think I used my images as a vehicle to actually write. I would have something to say so I flipped through my album, found a photo I felt exuded the energy or intensity of my thoughts and I would create my post. 

I decided to migrate to this format as for me it's more about the message than the photo and although we love pretty images, that is no longer my focus and sharing my journey and anything useful for you is without the space constraint, tiny screen and potential darkness on the other side. 

As this is a membership column it is for only those who truly see the benefit from the words and information provided. It is for those who want escape the scroll and sit and read something they feel has value. I vision you in your cozy morning nook with your favourite drink and creature comforts of the A.M smiling at your screen . 

I will be sharing daily experiences, perhaps some products I love, practitioners I use, lifestyle stuff and pretty much anything but politics or heavy news that I feel like that runs between my ears. I don't want you to think blog or post but rather a column, you know, like Carrie B-Shaw. Kidding Kidding, I'm not a writer and WILL disappoint the spelling and grammar queens but I just love when you compare me to her. 

I won't have a schedule as it is a real time, in the moment things as my thoughts flow but will write often and can't wait! 

Thank you for being here, being interested and sending your love always. I am sending it right back. 

Welcome to my Column. 

Xo VaVa