PANTPARTY 5.0 - Hubby and Wifee's Annual Birthday Bash!

November 19, 2017 0 Comments

PANTPARTY 5.0 - Hubby and Wifee's Annual Birthday Bash!


The morning after. This is what makes me continue planning the PANTYPARTY every year. You. You are the reason.
What started as a party I planned for Va, 5 years ago, has now turned into something extremely important (to not only the brand) but to me personally.

Thank you for being a part of our night and movement. I know some joined us from outside of Toronto and even outside of Ontario.

Everyone came as they were from all walks of life to show the world that our beauty cannot be defined by the number on the scale, our measurements of our body, or the colour of our skin. No, because we know we’re perfect just the way we are!
We are here to shoe the world how we celebrate
the strong and bold, women we are...
the I’m not settling for anything less than what I know I deserve, woman we are...
the I know who I am and I don’t give a f*ck, women we are!
So thank being a part of our night and sharing your #TSOQPANTYPARTY5 moments with us.

To see full album, click here.

Special thanks to our amazing sponsors and lovers that helped us put this event together!

Venue: Love Child Social House

Sweets Table: Sorelle and Co.

Savoury Table: Street Shak

Music: DJ Lissa Monet, DJ Steph Honey, DJ Bianca Lee

Talented performers: ARMY of SASS - Toronto girls, Hot in Heels family - Angela Mahoney

Photo Crew: Tse Daniel Photography, Chris Reign, Brenton Alexander Photo

Videographer: Philip PHarrisdesigns Harris, Aref Mahabadi

Lights and Signage: Marquee Marc

Wardrobe collaborations: Trashy Lingerie, Seductions Toronto

Vava's make up: Mckinlee Ell

Set up team: Simone Osondu, Oge Ula Ahanotu, Shenique Gregoire, Sofia Mestanza, Samantha Dicion

Special thanks to to the guys for making appearances: Devon Brown, Andre Joseph, Barrett Lucak, Ryan Torres, Tyson L. W. Geick, Niko Mullings, Ryan CM, Shavar Blackwood, Cleon Cleezy Wong, Lamarr Laz-alonzo