PANTPARTY 4.0 - Hubby and Wifee's Annual Birthday Bash!

Posted on December 02 2016

#TSOQPANTPARTY 4.0 - Hubby and Wifee's Annual Birthday Bash!


What started out as a night to celebrate our birthdays, turned into something much greater than the two of us. It has now become a night to celebrate you and to embrace everything that you are and everything that you are not.

It is a movement with a beautiful message behind it all.

"We are all beautiful, no matter what shape, or size. Age is nothing but a number. We do things to make ourselves happy, not to impress others or to get their attention or affection. We are our own reason for dressing up, because we love ourselves."

Check out the exclusive media access that CH8TV captured:

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Special thanks to our sponsors that helped us bring this magical evening to life.

Venue: Wallen​

DJ: Lissa Monet​ and DJ Mensa

Talented performers:
Wolf J McFarlane​ and ARMY of SASS - Toronto​

Photo Crew:
Tse Daniel Photography​ and Chris Reign​

Philip PHarrisdesigns Harris​

VXN Designs​ and Rita Tesolin​

Beauty team:
Flecett Fleaset​, Marley Brites​, and Tania Az​


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